The Weekly Cookie: Lemon Squares

I take my sweets very seriously.  There are rules involved in what someone is allowed to bring to my house for dessert.  Every Monday I bake a batch of cookies or other bite sized sweet snackage.  It’s not because I like baking. (I actually hate baking.  It’s way more of an exact science than cooking …


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Levi’s 1st Birthday

As parents we get one, maybe two, birthday parties where our kids aren’t quite old enough to express that they really really want a Spongebob themed party and so we get to throw what we would consider to be our ideal kids’ first birthday.  Greg and I took full advantage of that this past year … Continue reading Levi’s 1st Birthday

Love to the End

I know I am not the first person to come to the conclusion that people in general, and maybe my generation specifically, has a hard time with commitment.  Divorce is consistently on the rise and even cell phone contracts make us shudder sometimes…really 2 whole years….with one cell phone service provider?  Oh man. We live … Continue reading Love to the End