All Together Now

My four year old son Levi has a great imagination.  His trucks and trains and legos all come together to create a magical world of drama and excitement and play.  And they all come together to create a huge mess. Every day.  Without fail.  And every night before the bedtime routine begins, he and I … Continue reading All Together Now

Finding God in a Bug

We have had a rough couple of weeks at the Perkins’ house lately.  Levi came down with…well, I refuse to call it by its name for the same irrational fear that the wizarding world refuses to say Voldemort’s name…so let’s just say its a terrible, gross virus that manifests itself with spots and it’s not … Continue reading Finding God in a Bug

The Quiet

I had a bit of a spiritual tantrum a few weeks ago.  For weeks prior my counselor and I had been discussing my spiritual life and the tenacity with which I hold on to the rules.  She gently nudged me into the realization that deep down I believed that if I held up my end … Continue reading The Quiet