Afraid To Fail

“There’s no harm in trying.” I’ll be honest. I HATE that sentiment. To me, there is big harm in trying. And its name is Failure. Failure is such a nasty word, isn’t it? We are taught from a tender age that failure is simply not an option. We are taught to despise and be ashamed … Continue reading Afraid To Fail

A Year of Celebration

We’re chugging our way¬†through January. At Christmastime I had all of these visions of all this free space opening up on my calendar in January. I’m not sure why I thought that. I think it might have been a coping mechanism to make my way through the busyness of the holiday season. But here it … Continue reading A Year of Celebration

Safe Places

“There are no safe places anymore.” This statement was made to a friend of mine 14 years ago by a young woman who was a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, when she was asked during that country’s revolution, if she would remain in her country of origin or make an attempt¬†to find a safer nation to call … Continue reading Safe Places

Just The One

Let me say right off the bat, this was not the post I intended to write when I woke up this morning. I had something else prepared entirely in my brain, but when I sat down to write it yesterday, nothing came. And so this morning, when I still felt like the well was dry, … Continue reading Just The One