Boot Camp Diaries: Week 8

Holy humidity, heat and rain, Batman!  This week we had our first rainy boot camp session.  The rain could have definitely been much worse and really it just drizzled during our actual workout time but it was just enough to make us feel like regular G.I Jane’s.  Other than the rain, Florida spring, I mean …


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The Weekend Grill

Time to get ready to fire up those grills again and this recipe is so easy you can make a weekend night out of any night!  This is one of my old standbys.  It is inexpensive, can easily be made with ingredients you already have on hand and is so so so very tasty!  Here … Continue reading The Weekend Grill

The Weekend Grill

Welcome to spring!  It was a rough (and for some of you, still in progress) winter but here in Florida we are welcoming in spring with some hot weather and the smell of neighborhood grills being fired up.  I love to grill.  Seriously.  I love it.  If I could grill for every dinner I had … Continue reading The Weekend Grill