Boot Camp Diaries: The End

It is finally here: the end of boot camp.  Week 12 is now behind us.  It’s hard to believe it is over!  Looking back, I find myself amazed at how much change has taken place in just three months.  It is hard to believe that we started this out freezing to death at every morning …


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The Weekend Grill

Memorial Day is just around the corner!  Its a day that marks the beginning of summer, hot and lazy afternoons and most importantly, the beginning of grill season for the rest of the country that hasn’t been sitting in stifling heat for a month already. For this blessed occasion, I have reserved my most favorite … Continue reading The Weekend Grill

The Weekend Grill

Happy Mother’s Day!  Today is a day when we thank our mothers for their never ending love and sacrifices and let them kick back their feet and do nothing (well, a mom’s version of nothing) for the rest of the day.  And growing up in our house this meant that dad was in charge from … Continue reading The Weekend Grill

Happy Birthday, Levi!

It’s hard to believe that our little boy is two years old today!  He truly brings us so much joy and I love watching the world through his eyes.  He is constantly on the go and constantly discovering new adventures and treasures!  To celebrate his birthday we threw him a small mostly family party and … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Levi!