Green Eyes

Her name was Annie. We were classmates in elementary school. And she got my spot in our school’s elementary choir. How did I know she got my spot? Because when we auditioned, she got a spot and I didn’t. It didn’t matter to me that other classmates of ours also made it into the ensemble. I did not, and … Continue reading Green Eyes


Hope. It’s one of those words for me that, similar to grace, faith, and yoga, I know exists and I acknowledge that some people find great fulfillment in, but for me, continues to be a constant struggle to fit into my own life on a regular basis. Or, more honestly, is an impossibility for me … Continue reading Hope

The Gremlin

I almost got discovered once. This is not even remotely an exaggeration or a fish story, I absolutely entirely almost got made famous. I was 17 years old and working at Universal Studios in, also not a lie, Mel’s Drive-In. (I know, right?! I almost had that story.) So, I’m working behind the counter, wearing my … Continue reading The Gremlin

The Hurricane

It’s a rough world out there. And I don’t only mean the real world, where people are dying in hurricanes and in suicide bombings and road rage. The fake worlds we have created, the supposedly meaningless ones that are meant to be for sheer entertainment purposes only, are becoming rougher and rougher. We recently survived … Continue reading The Hurricane