I Hope You Stay

This wasn’t the post I had planned for September. Also, I didn’t plan to post almost halfway into September but I am embracing imperfection and sliding deadlines and so I’m getting over it. Kind of. Anyways, I had something else planned for September until I remembered that September is home to Suicide Prevention Week. I … Continue reading I Hope You Stay

Shards of Glass

I broke a glass in our kitchen sink a few weeks ago. This relatively insignificant event should have remained little more than a nuisance and slight bummer, due to how much I loved that glass. But even though I thought I had found all of the little pieces, I think we all know where this … Continue reading Shards of Glass

Over The Hill We Go

It’s May! May is a big month for our family. It’s filled with celebrations, the end of the school year (which brings its own brand of chaos) and, as we close it out, the beginning of summer! May has been my favorite month for as long as I can remember. It also happens to contain … Continue reading Over The Hill We Go

Those Poor Goats

When I decided I wanted to spend this year blogging once a month I made a list of topics I thought I could cover. They were a handful of ideas or concepts I have wrestled with over the last 5 or 10 years: race, motherhood, religion, spirituality, why Coca-Cola is the best dang drink ever … Continue reading Those Poor Goats

Peek-a-boo God

When we are very young children, older humans teach us this game where they cover their eyes and then seem genuinely and pleasantly surprised when they uncover their eyes and discover we, the young child, are very much still there. As infants and toddlers, this is thrilling to us. And, although I possess absolutely zero … Continue reading Peek-a-boo God

Feeling 22

The ball has dropped. The old acquaintances are forgotten. Or maybe not? I never know what that song is actually saying. Regardless. It is here. 2022. Cue all the memes. It’s a time for new beginnings, new tiktok dances (for real, though, did you see the one with the cute teenager, clumsy dad and surprisingly … Continue reading Feeling 22

The One

Believe it or not, I’ve been trying to write more lately. I’ve taken my pen and journal out of their old dusty spot on the bookshelf. I’ve opened new tabs on my laptop. I’ve stared at the blinking cursor more than I want to admit. Usually writing is how I process. The ink from the … Continue reading The One