The Woman On The Train

I have a little secret. It’s not actually a secret to those who know me very well. In fact, sometimes I think the only person who is truly kept in the dark about it is me because it’s something I hate to admit about myself. I’m not actually a pessimist. Shocking, I know. Particularly ironic …


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ABC’s and 1,2,3’s

Day number 7,365 of pandemic life. Well, not really, but I believe pandemic time is measured much like dog years. Each day seems to last at least 5 years. Over here we are surviving on a steady supply of Nintendo Switch games (Animal Crossing, for the win!), long, hot walks around the neighborhood at sunset … Continue reading ABC’s and 1,2,3’s


Here we are. With all of our hopes and dreams for 2020, I am fairly certain no one really saw this one coming. Three months in and the world has come to a grinding halt. I’ll be honest and perhaps expose my naivety, but I didn’t actually think in my lifetime I would watch the … Continue reading Bravery

You Can Do Hard Things

I don’t know who said it first, “You can do hard things,” but I do know white girls around the world responded to it as if meeting Jesus for the first time. You will find the catchy phrase displayed in loop-de-loop calligraphy on fireplace mantels, spaced neatly on classic letterboards in small boutiques and hastily … Continue reading You Can Do Hard Things

The Monsters Under My Bed

The first time my therapist mentioned she thought I might struggle with perfectionism I laughed at her. I think my exact words were, “Have you met my husband? I am not the perfectionist in our family.” To me, at the time, perfectionism was not being able to sleep because a picture frame was crooked on … Continue reading The Monsters Under My Bed

Writing On the Bamboo

A few weeks ago I was being the worst version of myself. I was cranky and short tempered and trying to hide from stressing about some imminent change hovering over the horizon of my life, which always leads to me being cranky and short tempered and the worst version of myself. I was stuck on … Continue reading Writing On the Bamboo

Sounds of Christmas

Red holiday cups, Michael Bublé crooning carols over every store speaker and, in Florida, icicle lights hanging from every roofline. Christmas is here again! It’s the holiday sure to put a pep in your step and a bright smile on your face! Except for those years it doesn’t. Some years are just hard. Some years … Continue reading Sounds of Christmas