Quitting The Gym

There have been many signs and indicators that I have stumbled upon the best therapist for me in the years I have been seeing her. But this week when Jules referenced a Friends clip, I was reminded once again of how perfect a match she is for me. If you haven’t seen Chandler’s desperate attempt to … Continue reading Quitting The Gym

Oh Boy

I read the news today…oh boy. I think “oh boy” is probably the mildest reaction most people had today at the early morning news that yet another mass shooting had occurred in the US. This time innocent concert goers became the target of a deranged and fearful man. In June of last year when the … Continue reading Oh Boy

The Blood on the Floor

I just got back from a wonderful weekend visiting my best friend in Franklin, TN. It was an amazing weekend of eating too much, drinking just the right amount and spending uninterrupted hours talking about life with her. I was introduced to Five Daughter’s doughnuts and I think I might have been forever ruined on … Continue reading The Blood on the Floor

Just Another Day

Yesterday was just another Saturday around here. Greg and I are in the middle of a massive lawn renovation…because apparently simply enduring a massive home renovation wasn’t quite enough punishment a few years ago. And because we are just plain dumb at times, we are overhauling our massive yard in the middle of August…in Florida. … Continue reading Just Another Day


“I feel like a bad mom.” This sentence was said to me three times in the last two weeks by three entirely different friends. Well, let’s be honest and say four times by four people because I feel like a tiny voice in my head says that to me on a loop these days. Regardless, … Continue reading #MomFail