Just Another Day

Yesterday was just another Saturday around here. Greg and I are in the middle of a massive lawn renovation…because apparently simply enduring a massive home renovation wasn’t quite enough punishment a few years ago. And because we are just plain dumb at times, we are overhauling our massive yard in the middle of August…in Florida. … Continue reading Just Another Day


“I feel like a bad mom.” This sentence was said to me three times in the last two weeks by three entirely different friends. Well, let’s be honest and say four times by four people because I feel like a tiny voice in my head says that to me on a loop these days. Regardless, … Continue reading #MomFail

I’m So Glad I Came

Last night Greg and I went with some great friends to hear Brian Wilson, of the Beach Boys, perform Pet Sounds. I grew up on the Beach Boys and the Beatles and the Temptations and the Supremes and any opportunity I get to see any of the greats from my childhood live in concert, I … Continue reading I’m So Glad I Came

The Montage

I am asked often what it is exactly I write about. This is a fantastic question and usually leaves me babbling and stuttering and thoroughly confusing the poor, innocent person who now regrets even asking in the first place. So I usually end with saying, “Well, I have a blog. You can check it out … Continue reading The Montage