Living in the Wind

There’s a pathway behind the office where I work called “The Urban Trail”. If I were more outdoorsy or ever exercised I could probably tell you how long it runs in total, but in all honesty, I’ve only walked half a mile or so of it, and as far as I’m concerned that’s as far … Continue reading Living in the Wind

Care Bear Stare

It is no secret if you have ever read this blog before, talked to me in real life or randomly saw me walking on the sidewalk that the concept of grace and I have a complicated relationship. When I started counseling almost five years ago, it came out early that grace was a tricky reality … Continue reading Care Bear Stare

Take A Beat

Isn’t summer great? Summer is all about the beach and palm trees and pool hangs and family time and friend time and drinks and grilling. All good things come from summer! ….for about 5 weeks…. I don’t know about you but as much as I love all of the above about summer a whole, whole … Continue reading Take A Beat

The Power of Choice

Can we all just agree that life past the age of 25 is just a little bit nutty? It doesn’t matter if you have kids or not, are married or not, have a job or not, whatever walk of life you lead, chances are you spend 75% of it feeling like the wheels are going … Continue reading The Power of Choice

The List

I have sat down three times over the course of the last month in an effort to write this post. I have stared at the blinking cliche of a cursor and I have typed, backspaced, typed again, backspaced (with a little more fervor this time), typed again and then finally shut the laptop with a … Continue reading The List

Moment by Moment

On Thanksgiving weekend this year my family served dinner at the Russell Home as we do every month together. The Russell Home is an amazing nonprofit in our town that serves children and adults with disabilities and their families by providing them with housing, meals and schooling. My family has had the privilege of serving … Continue reading Moment by Moment

Hallowed Ground

I am convinced that if Halloween was accompanied by more presents, it would easily outrank Christmas in Levi’s mind. He is a nut for Halloween. Greg and I are pretty baffled by his love for all things creepy and eerie but we have tried in recent years to get into the Halloween Spirit with him … Continue reading Hallowed Ground