Just Keep Swimming

One thought on “Just Keep Swimming”

  1. Oof. That nursery stuff is rough! Cora is just starting to actually *like* the nursery at church. She started with guerrilla tactics, too (although it sounds like Levi is the master right now), then she moved on to whining off and on the whole time, and now she actually smiles and has fun. Praying Levi gets there soon!

    Can totally relate with the conversations you and Greg have! Such an accurate description. We do the same thing.

    Not to offer unsolicited advice… lol… but we finally realized that bringing her teddy bear might help her out, and that ended up helping a lot. If Levi has a security-something, it might be worth a shot to bring it one week and see what happens.

    In the meantime. You’re doing an awesome job. For real. Not just saying that.

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